Mountain and River Landscapes

  Geographically speaking, Wuyi Mountains is featured with typical red rock formation. The wonderful nature creates us a land with exquisite mountains, winding water and outstanding scenery. With 36 spectacular peaks and the serene Nine-Bend River, it's described as "fairyland on earth".
  The key Scenic Area covers 70 km2, boasting of 36 peaks, 72 caves, 99 rocks and 108 scenic spots as well. The magnificent and exquisite mountains and waters are the real delight. The whole area can be subdivided into many scenic spots as Wuyi Palace, Nine Bend river, Peach Blossom Cave, A Threat of Sky, Tiger Roaring Peak, Tianxin Rock, Water Curtain Cave, Lianhua Peak, YulinTing Kiln Site.

  The hazy view of Wuyi mountains and rivers is of special appeal and prospect. The clouds and mists of Wuyi Mountain are spectacular and veiled in mystery. The sea of clouds and wove to mists surge above mountain peaks, sometimes heavy and sometimes thin, now moving and then static, which composes magnificent spectacles one after another, some as light as veil hanging among the crags,some as heavy as splashes of ink spraying the valleys, some like torrents rolling and surging, some like ripples disappearing far away, which displays all the gracefulness, colorfulness, romantic charm and appeal of Wuyi Mountain.

  The most sophiscated charm of Wuyiu Mountains rests in the Nine-bend River, which is winding its ways amidst the jungle of peaks and rocks. Drifting down the river you can not only enjoy the beautiful scenery but the mysterious Boat-coffins and many ancient rock inscriptions along the banks.

  Tianyou Peak (Peak of Sky Tour): Frequently shrouded in clouds and mist, it towers aloft over clusters of peaks. Ascending to its top, one feels as if traveling upon a sea of clouds high up the sky. Hence it becomes the most famous spot of Wuyishan. The pavilion on the top, the highest among myriad peaks commands a panoramic view of Wuyishan encircled by well-known peaks and the Jiuqu Stream on its three sides.

  Water Screen Cave: It's formed by curved cliff walls and an over-hanging cliff, each measuring several hundred feet in height or in width. It's spacious and can seat some thousand people. Built along the walls are a few roofless temples. Two springs keep cascading down day and night from the over-hanging cliff. Blown by the breeze, the waterfalls break into tiny drops, which resemble two water screens hanging from the top, and descend into the Dragon Bath Pond below.

  Wanniangong (Palace of Ten Thousand Years) As one of famous Taoist religious service centers, it consisted of over three hundred halls and rooms in the Song and Ming Dynasties, but declined since mid Qing Dynasty. Today only one temple and two wells have remained.

  The beautiful Wuyishan is gifted with exotic flowers and rare plants, precious birds and animals. It abounds in teas growing on rocks with a bright color, strong scent, and pure taste. Among them Dahongpao "Grand Red Robe" is the most famous and precious.