Ecological Landscapes

  This is the green homeland for people to return to nature; this is the land of promise of harmonious coexistence between people and nature.
  Wuyi Mountain Natural Reserves, listed by the United Nations as the "global biosphere protection zone", "gather its life energy from the heaven and the earth, picks its vital essence from the sun and the moon". Unfolds the life chain one after another and demonstrates the closely-linked life evolution of people and nature.

  Wuyishan National nature Reserve is well-konw for its intact forest ecological system and abundant biological resources.Tourists will admire a wide array of unique and intriguing animals and flora as well as the magnificent mountains,flying waterfalls to your herat's content.Mount Huanggan,heighet 2,158M ,the summit of Wuyi Mountains,is the highest peak in Southeast China and is classed the "Roof of East China".

  With a total area of 565 square kilometers, Wuyi Mountain Natural Reserves is in possession of the well preserved, the most complete, most typical parallel subtropical primeval forest ecological system with the largest area in the world; there are the dense forests, deep canyons, rumbling waterfalls and the highest peak in east china—huanggang Mountain; here distributes in proper order the complete vertical belt and the forest coverage reaches 95% in the area; there are multitudinous species of animals and plants which have lived and multiplied from generation to generation. As a result, Wuyi Mountain Natural Reserves has always enjoyed the reputation of "paradise of Birds", "Kingdom of Snakes", "World of Insects" and "Window of Living Things In the World". Walking into Wuyi Mountain Natural Reserves, people will sense the vigorous green life and experience a harmonious and peaceful rhythm of life.
The newly developed Grand Canyon Ecology Park in Wuyi Mountain is situated on the upper reaches of the Nine-twist stream and is known as the "Rear Garden" of the scenic area in Wuyi Mountain. In the Ecology Park which covers an area of 185.8 square kilometers, there are 8 major scenic spots, namely, the Red River Valley, the Emerald Valley, the land of the Son of Heaven, the Grand Canyon Drifting the White Pagoda Mountain, the imperial Edict Mountain, the Northeast Pond and the Sunny Peak. There are dense forests, numerous canyons, diverse living things and waterfalls everywhere. It is an ideal place for ecological tour, such as drifting, watch waterfalls, mountaineering, fishing, forest exploration and biological investigation. Return to nature, be close to mountain and rivers, release emotions, sense and comprehend the life, enjoy nature to your heart's content in the natural oxygen bar, all this is the glamour of ecological tour in Wuyi Mountain.